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Series Parallel Loom For Jazz Bass PIO

A Jazz Bass Harness With PIO (Paper In Oil) Capacitor And Mono Jack Socket Inspired By A Seymour Duncan Schematic

Series Parallel Loom for Jazz bass PIO

A reverse view image:

Series Parallel Loom for Jazz bass PIO Reverse View

Have you ever wondered whether you can get more out of your single coil pickups on your bass guitar. This modification, which was inspired by the Seymour Duncan schematic shown above allows you to select:

Solo Bridge pickup

Bridge and Neck pickups (standard parallel wiring) slightly scooped sounding

Solo Neck pickup

but also

Bridge and Neck pickups (series wiring) this position turns both pickups into one massive Humbucker. Result: increased output with a boost in mid range taking away the sharpness in treble. Please note in Series mode (where the knob is pulled out) ooer Missus... it then acts as main volume.

This is the mid range model with PIO (Paper In Oil) capacitor.


This loom only works with single coil pickups (Jazz style) or split P (Precision style)

The surrounding cardboard frame which the loom arrives in may not always resemble the one in the pictures...

Check out the two tests below:

(As always if you would like to know how to wire a varitone switch or need anything explained about installing my pre wired rotary tone switches and wiring looms, or require clarification on any aspect of the diagrams or schematics I have provided in my listings, then please feel free to use the contact link above and ask.)

Wiring diagram:

Series Parallel Loom for Jazz bass PIO Wiring Diagram