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Varitone Switch Alternative Model

Based on the Stellartone Tonestyler, a version just as good, with the 6 positions slightly more closely bunched

Varitone Switch Alternative Model

A reverse view image:

Varitone Switch Alternative Model Reverse View

6 position Varitone rotary switch for guitar and bass. This is an alternative the the standard Varitone I make, as a number of previous customers had expressed a liking for a bassier pot. So I developed this model. This one has all the stank with warm mids and even lows, as a result it's great for Precision type basses and fretless.

Brand new unit made by myself in my small workshop. The 6 position switch offers a well balanced range of attenuation on a passive circuit.

This switch works in much the same way as the very popular but very expensive Stellartone Tonestyler. The dimensions of this unit are as follows: 25mm x 31mm with 17mm depth (so some rerouting may be required if replacing mini pots) and a standard size split shaft can accept any knob of your choice, knob not included. The shaft is quite long and may need to be trimmed with a rotary tool. I can do this for you just long as you know the dimensions you require.

The knurled shaft may be shorter in some cases. The switch will still be the same value however.

The VARITONE is easy to fit into your bass or guitar and replaces the conventional tone pot, instructions are provided. No battery required...

The 6 positions are from right to left:

1 BYPASS (full range of sound from pickup/s)

2 BRIGHT (0.0017uF slight attenuation above 1.7Khz)

3 WARM MID (0.0033uF attenuation above 1.1Khz)

4 MID (0.0068uF attenuation above 800hz)

5 MID LOW (0.033uF greater attenuation above 400hz)

6 LOW (0.1uF greatest attenuation above 250hz)

6 position rotary pot where the first position is bypass or 0 and then there is 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, increasing value capacitors removing the higher and upper mid frequencies. I make 2 varitones the one pictured above, the alternative model is more for fretless bass perhaps because it targets the lower mids too; I prefer this one. There is also available the standard model which is more popular but both work well alone or added to and existing wiring harness.

Either of these varitone switches can be attached to another rotary pot (control space permitting) so you can dial in as much of each value cap as you would like.

In recent weeks, many people have asked if this unit can be wired together with a regular rotary tone pot. The good news is yes it can and it's quite simple. Just remove the capacitor from the tone pot in your guitar or bass and solder the red and black wires to the first lug and the back of the tone pot as shown in the diagram at the top of the this page. I hope this helps...

I have recently altered some of the settings of this model I still have some of this version left but it was recently brought to my attention that the original and alternative versions shared the same values. I will also be making a new recording of these values. Thank you.

I can make them to your own specs if you know which cap values you would like - contact me here to enquire.

(As always if you would like to know how to wire a varitone switch or need anything explained about installing my pre wired rotary tone switches and wiring looms, or require clarification on any aspect of the diagrams or schematics I have provided in my listings, then please feel free to use the contact link above and ask.)

Wiring diagram:

Varitone Switch Wiring Diagram

Wiring instructions:

Varitone Switch Wiring Instructions
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